Über Munkebo seafood


Munkebo Seafood A/S was established by Hawesta and F. Tengberg Hansen back in 1974. Hawesta was a German can producer and F. Tengberg already had a fish cannery. Therefore, the partnership between the 2 men seemed to be an ideal mixture. Hawesta was looking for a place in Denmark where there was rich access to female labor. Hence Munkebo proved to be the logical place to build the factory because of its neighbour, Odense Steel Shipyard, which employed 5000 men. Munkebo Fine Foods Limited was the name of the company and in the beginning the company mainly supplied Hawesta. The production included herring and cod-liver, but in the early eighties mackerel was also included into the range.

In 1997 the company was taken over by a four-leaf clover with different approaches to the business. The name was changed to Munkebo Seafood A/S. In 2000 the range was changed to what it is today which includes salmon, herring, mussels and soups.

Today we can proudly say that the factory stands as a modern cannery with a high productivity.


Munkebo Seafood A/S wants to be known as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of canned fish products of the finest quality. Daily we work hard to meet our customers demands and meet the growing demand to deliver canned fish of the highest quality and to supply fish to meet the increasing demands for sustainability.

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