Quality Control

We work according to the HACCP principles and we are constantly trying to monitor the production. This ensures a critical evaluation of the system’s suitability, completeness and efficiency and identifies any changes needed.

Through our IFS Certification (International Food Standard) we are ensured that we meet the requirements prescribed by the IFS.  This helps to ensure that consumers receive products of the highest standard

Our quality manual ensures that employees always know about processes that need to be made. But, more importantly, how they should be implemented so that we can ensure optimal food safety.

The legislation concerning food changes from time to time. Therefore the management annually examines processes and adjust according to the rules. The management’s annual verification and the results lead to a comprehensive improvement of efficiency and resource needs and revision of policies and goals.

We test each production thoroughly and samples are extracted for a visuel test concerning taste, aroma and texture. In addition we test our products in an oven at 37 C° to ensure that there is no gas formation during the process. Our products are tested min. once a year by an outside research firm who tests the products’ microbiological and nutritional content.

We are in regular contact with our suppliers to ensure that our raw materials and ingredients meet our standards. We compile supplier reports on all our suppliers. When needed we evaluate if our suppliers meet our requirements. 

Quality IFS

The demand for food safety grows. Consumers and authorities increasingly demand that the food we all eat must be of high quality and high safety. If problems occur the error source is quickly found and repaired. The requirements are initially aimed primarily at retail, but from there they spread throughout the food chain to food processing industry, primary producers and transporters.

What is the International Food Standard (IFS)? IFS Food is a standard for auditing of establishments processing food or food packages in bulk. IFS Food can only be used where the product is “processed or handled,” or if there is a risk of product contamination during the first pack. IFS was launched to enhance food safety. Regular audits ensure retailers and ultimately the customer that the facilities, rules of hygiene, education and training meet the established requirements for HACCP.


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At Munkebo Seafood we believe in the value of preserving and take responsibility
as much as we can for the environment.

We are MSC and ASC certified, and support their work to ensure sustainable fishing.
We do our best to support the preservation of fishing stock worldwide.

We think that the aluminum can is an excellent packaging material, as it does not degrade 
in the recycling process and so it can be recycled many times. 

We also use carton/paper packaging and we support the use FSC or recycled carton to preserve forests. 


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What is the ASC?


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What is the MSC?



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